Dogs love to stay and play when their owners are away! Unlike a traditional boarding kennel, our focus is to provide that home away from home environment. Lots of loves, playing and exercise!


    • Large indoor climate-controlled accommodations in the Luxury Suites. TV’s in or viewable from every Suite.
    • State-of-the-art air conditioning systems that generate 6 air exchanges per hour.
    • At least 5 outdoor visits a day.
    • Group play in Doggie Daycare for approved pets. (Additional Charge)
    • Special Care and Attention
    • Variety of Extra-Care Services to choose from
    • Custom meals, fresh water, cots and blankets at no additional charge.
    • Dogs in the same family can stay together.



We highly recommend providing your pets’ normal diet during their stay at our resort. This will help with any pets who may have a sensitive stomach and help them to feel at home. Please “Pre-Bag” their food for each meal. If their morning feeding is different than their evening feeding, please label AM or PM. This helps to make sure they receive the same measurements as that would at home.  House food is available for $1/cup.
Medication is an extra charge, based on the complexity of application.
We do not accept dogs or cats that require insulin shots. 

Classic K9 Suite

$ 43

$48/day for 2 Dogs, $60/day for 3 Dogs

4×6, Viewable TV, Music, Glass door

Classic K9 Family

$ 53

$53/day for 1-2 Dogs, $65/day for 3 Dogs

4×8, TV, Music, Glass door

Hilltop K9 Suite

$ 56

$56/day for 1-2 Dogs, $68/day for 3 Dogs

4×9, TV, Hilltop view window, Music, Glass door

VIP K9 Suite

$ 58

$58/day for 1-2 Dogs, $70/day for 3 Dogs

6×6, TV, Music, Exterior window, Heated Floors

South VIP different rate

Presidential K9

$ 62

$62/day for 1-2 Dogs, $74/day for 3 Dogs

6×8, Private room & play yard, TV, Music, Glass door

Tiny Town K9

$ 30

$44/day for 2 Dogs, $56/day for 3 Dogs

Large room for small dogs only! TV, Window, separated with kennels

Daycare While Boarding

$ 26

$20 Half Day

Boarding dogs wanting to join in on some FUN time in daycare. Based on daycare and evaluation availability.


$ 48

$80 for 2 Dogs

Includes all day Daycare


$ 35

$48 for 2 Dogs, $60 for 3 Dogs

Quiet shared room off of the lobby with dog sofas & chairs. Perfect room for older dogs & small dogs.  Extra human interaction in this room, along with their own private potty yard away from the other boarding yards. Accommodation depends on size of dog.


$ 20

$28 for 2 cats

Cat condo with lots of interaction, own litter box, play time

All suites include 5 outdoor potty breaks, comfy bedding or raised cots


Does your dog want that extra attention and comfort of other companions? We offer slumber party style sleepovers that includes all day daycare.  There are comfy beds in each of the sleeping areas, so if several dogs want to cuddle together they can! Or if someone prefers to sleep on the sidelines alone they can or they can enjoy an enclosed suite within that room for a little privacy.  Must have gone through 1 week of doggie daycare to ensure it is a good fit for your dog. $48 per night and includes all day daycare


  • Half Day of Daycare – $20.00
  • Full Day of Daycare – $26.00
  • Playtime – $9.00, 15 minutes of ball throwing and dog-park style fun one on one time
  • Extra Potty break – $4.00, Just a few minutes outside with no other dogs to take a quick potty break. Perfect for those overnight dogs that need a few extra potty breaks.
  • Stuffed Kong – $5.00, Frozen Kong stuffed with peanut butter yogurt or other tasty filling
  • Treat time – $4.00, A serving of lactose-free ice cream topped with crunch dog biscuits.
  • Snuggle time – $9.00, Do you have a pet that just needs to be held? We offer 15 minutes of lap time and loving to make your pet feel extra special.
  • Individual Private Walk – $9.00
  • Medication – Charge depends on the complexity of the application.
  • Nail Trim – $12.00
  • Puppy/Geriatric/Anxiety Extra Clean up Fee/Destructive Fee – $10.00/day
  • Late Fee – $30.00/family after the 11:00 a.m. pickup time with boarding.  We do not offer late pick ups after closing times.
  • Private Field Time Play – $14.00, 20 minutes of private field time.


Pick up time is by 11:00 Monday-Saturday and 1:00 on Sunday, after that time there will be a $30 late charge/family. If you dog(s) are daycare approved already, they can go to daycare instead for the 1/2 day rate or $30 max for the family.


Cancellations made within 48 hours of reservation, will incur a 1 night charge.  Early pickups as well, without 48 hour notice will also incur a 1 night charge.


We are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. We also have limited hours on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve for boarding drop offs and pick ups, along with closed for daycare on those days.  While we are closed to the public, you can assure you dogs/cats will follow their normal feeding and let out schedule.