Doggie Daycare


Our Doggie Daycare program offers social dogs the opportunity to “play with the pack” for a great day of fun and exercise. Daycare guests enjoy themed weeks with daily activities, like enrichment exercises, play yard equipment and toys, pool splashing and special events.


Activity sessions in the Clever Canines program include:
  • Ball and Retrieval Games
  • Nose Work
  • IQ Testing & Brain Testing Games
  • Treat Games
  • Brain Puzzles & Mental Stimulation Puzzles
  • Agility

A typical day at Glacier K9 includes up to 10 hours of structured activities, play and restful relaxation. Your dog will arrive home happy and tired from a fun day!


For all Students are the Following Features:
  • Close supervision by our loving, highly-trained staff

  •  Indoor play room with K9 equipment to ensure play time any time of the day or year!

  • Primary outdoor play yard features special K9Grass system for optimal comfort and sanitary conditions

  • A secure, fenced-in facility

  •  An environment free of health hazards such as toxic chemicals and objects that could be swallowed

  • Raised cot lounges for resting in comfort

  • A variety of safe dog toys and splash pools during the warmer months

  • Natural and built-in shading available when the majority of play is outside

  • Fresh water is always available

  • Immediate housekeeping for a clean and sanitary space

For the safety of all students and staff, all dogs must be up-to-date on vaccinations.

Per Hour

$ 8

Per Hour

$15 for 2 Dogs, $21 for 3 Dogs

Half Day

$ 19

For a 5 Hour Stay or Under

$34 for 2 Dogs, $47 for 3 Dogs

Full Day

$ 24

For Over 5 Hours ($15 for Second Dog)

$44 for 2 Dogs, $58 for 3 Dogs

Full Day Package

$ 220

10 Full Days of Day Care

+$190 2nd Dog

Half Day Package

$ 170

10 Half Days of Day Care

+$140 2nd Dog

Special Hours

$ 10

Prearranged Late Pickups or Early Drop Offs


All dogs are welcome. All unneutered male dogs over the age of 6 months must wait until they are neutered to return to daycare and females cannot be in heat! All sizes and ages are welcome. We match up play groups by temperament and age. ALL DOGS will be evaluated on 1st visit. All dogs must meet our vaccination requirements.

Call Glacier K9 today to schedule your pets social evaluation, or click on the button below to make an online reservation request. Once approved, you can be absolutely confident that your pet will have a great time without you!