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Dogs are smart, social animals. This means they get bored if they’re stuck at home with nothing to do while their owners are away. In addition to walks, a healthy dog also needs mental stimulation to stay happy and stress-free. An enrichment program can provide them excitement, preventing anxious, destructive behavior. If you’re considering this type of class for your pup, here’s more information on them and how they work.

The Purpose of Canine Enrichment

Being bored and under-stimulated can lead to many mental and physical health issues in dogs, including weight gain and stunted cognitive development. It can also cause unwanted behavior such as chewing on furniture. Unfortunately, many pet owners don’t have the time to actively entertain their dogs all day. Enrichment programs are designed to provide the fun, stimulating environment your pet needs for maximum health and well-being.

Included Activities

Many doggy daycare centers offer enrichment programs with activities designed to meet the needs of your furry friends. In addition to managed playtime with other friendly pups, enrichment might feature puzzle games, sniffing challenges, and obstacle training. Your pet might get to forage for food or even herd other animals, which can be deeply satisfying for many dogs. These games are mentally and physically stimulating, leaving pets calm and relaxed.


Glacier K9 is situated on 6 acres of land with several fenced for your dogs security and a staff of highly trained dog lovers, Glacier K9 Resort and Spa is the top doggy daycare center. Our enrichment programs are tailored to give your dog a fun, stimulating experience and plenty of time to relax, whether you’re going to work or away for the weekend.

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